We’re doing it. We’re surviving. Last week, we started homeschooling again after taking the entire month of December off. Today, Randy went back to work. I won’t lie- I was scared. I was afraid that the steps ahead would be way too hard. Most of the time, moving forward feels completely wrong. Last night, we started feeling peace about the idea of resuming normal life.

Today was a good day. Tears were shed. Difficult questions were asked by little ones who don’t quite grasp the concept of heaven (I mean, do any of us really?). And I barely made it through our morning devotion about prayer and how God is still good even when the answer is no. (Relevant, right?) But today just felt a little lighter.

The past 2 weeks have been the hardest, even worse than our time in the hospital and worse than the week right after Sterling died. I didn’t expect that. For a while, it seemed like every day was worse than the last. We’ve been treading in this space between a dream and a nightmare for so long. And while I know the waves will wash over us again, for now we’ve come up for air.

I know some of you were praying for us today, specifically because Randy went back to work and I want to say thank you.

Kairi and Cadence reading The Invisible String

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